This professional dish-washer sends Tom Brady a weekly scouting report

FIannelly’s relationship with Brady goes all the way back to Tom’s days playing in Ann Arbor AP/John L. White

Suspended wide receivers can be car salesmen. Future Hall of Fame quarterbacks can be grocery baggers.

So how surprised should we be that one of Tom Brady’s advisors is a dish-washer?

According to, Jay Flannelly, a self-proclaimed “vice president of cleaning services’’ who washes dishes at two Ann Arbor, Michigan restaurants, sends the 4-time Super Bowl champion with a weekly scouting report. In form, the report is a several paragraph-long email detailing defensive tendencies of upcoming Patriots opponents.

Flanelly and Brady’s relationship reaches all the way back to the late 1990’s, when Flanelly was a student assistant for Michigan, and Brady was struggling to get playing time.


Flanelly, an export of Andover, Mass., spoke to 93.7 WEEI Wednesday morning, and expanded on his role in Brady’s weekly preparation.

He describes himself as a sort of hype-man, feeding Brady the standard weekly chatter to get him motivated. For example, last week’s motivation was crybaby-centric.

Flannelly weighs in on Brady’s determination – “Tom Brady is the most self-motivated and self-driven person I’ve met in my life.’’

And for the past 20 years, the routine behind that drive has included the wise words of Beav (Brady’s nickname for Flannelly).

But what would happen if Flannelly stopped sending the weekly dispatch?


“If I didn’t send it to him, he would get mad.’’ Flannelly tells

Keep em’ coming, Beav.

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