Deflategate has cost all parties an estimated $20 million

Some deflated footballs.

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The legal bill has been tallied for Deflategate, and it certainly isn’t cheap.

According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, the Deflategate legal proceedings have cost the NFL, the NFL Players Association, and the New England Patriots nearly $20 million since the case began.

Rovell breaks the numbers down as follows:

— Estimated costs to the NFL: $12.5M

— Estimated costs to the NFL Players Association: $5M

— Estimated costs to the Patriots: $500K

It’s important to note that Rovell’s numbers are estimates. For example, Rovell estimates that the NFL’s lead lawyer, Jeffrey Pash, spent 60 percent of his time last year on Deflategate, so 60 percent of his yearly salary would be Deflategate-expensed ($4.5 million)

Those numbers will only go up. The two sides are due back in court Thursday.

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