Cardinals coach Bruce Arians was surprised Chandler Jones was available

The Cardinals head coach seems incredibly content with the Chandler Jones trade.

Bruce Arians spoke very highly of Jimmy Garoppolo and the Patriots.
Bruce Arians speaks during a press conference at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy) –AP Photo/Michael Conroy

A collective feeling of surprise fell over many New England fans following the trade of Chandler Jones to the Arizona Cardinals two weeks ago.

And apparently, that same feeling fell over Bruce Arians, the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

Arians, a two time Associated Press Head Coach of the year, stated that he was “shocked” by Jones’ availability, and elaborated further on the move, via ESPN

“You don’t get 26-year-old pass-rushers like him very often … I think it could be pretty dynamic,” Arians said at the NFC coaches breakfast at the Boca Raton Resort & Club. “We went into the offseason wanting to improve our pass rush, and free agency wasn’t what we were looking at in terms of dollars for guys. [The Jones trade] cured us for a long time.”


In return for Jones, the Patriots received guard Jonathan Cooper, a former first round pick, as well as a second round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

During Bill Belichick’s first press conference of the offseason two days ago, Belichick  didn’t say whether or not Jones’ incident involving synthetic marijuana factored into trading the Pro Bowler to Arizona. Arians, however, took the incident head on.

“Knowing the family and knowing what he did and [how] he owned up to it, it wasn’t even a thought for me,” he said. “I’ve seen 1,000 times worse than that in my years in this league. He’s a really good kid from a good family.”

Two weeks in, Jones seems to be in Arians’s good graces. And the Cardinals head coach wants to keep it that way, long term.

“When he hits free agency, we’ll have the dollars to make sure he stays.”


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