The ‘Free Brady’ T-shirts are coming back

Controversy sells.

Two fans wearing "Free Brady" shirts last year. –Greg M. Cooper / USA TODAY

Fashion goes in cycles, and right now, Deflategate is in.

Tom Brady’s four-game suspension is back in place. New England Patriots fans are indignant. And T-shirt sellers are hitting the market anew.

It didn’t take long after the quarterback’s suspension was reinstated for the “Free Brady” merchandise to reappear online. The T-shirts and hats were gobbled up by Patriots fans last year as Brady initially fought the suspension.

While it was quick to get its “Free Brady” shirts back on to the market, Sully’s Brand seemed surprised to find itself in familiar terrain. “Wait … what??” reads the company’s homepage.


“We’ve relaunched our Free Bady and Fire Goodell tees and are discussing some other options now!” Sully’s Brand owner Chris Wrenn wrote in an email. Wrenn added that the Boston Celtics’ playoff win last night made it an especially good week on the shirt sales front.

Barstool Sports has also resurrected its Free Brady merch, with T-shirts, hats, and tank tops bearing the words and the four-time Super Bowl champion’s image listed as the newest items on its website.

The Free Brady economy was boosted last year with each turn in the Deflategate saga. It also proved to be a hyper-competitive market, to the point that Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy coerced an actual apology out of Governor Charlie Baker for wearing a competitor’s Free Brady T-shirt while taking the Ice Bucket Challenge last summer.

Now we’ll get a chance to see what this summer has in store.

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