Tom Brady would save nearly $2 million during Deflategate suspension because of his recently restructured contract

Even with a $60-million contract, that's a lot of quinoa.

–Richard Drew / AP

If there’s a silver lining for Tom Brady following the news Monday morning that his four-game Deflategate suspension was reinstated, it’s this:

Because of Brady’s new contract, which he and the Patriots renegotiated just two months ago, he will now save nearly $2 million then he otherwise would have been docked, assuming  the suspension is ultimately upheld.

Before the recent restructuring, Brady was slated to earn $9 million during the 2016 season. Since the quarterback would lose four of 17 weeks of salary, under his previous contract he would have lost roughly $2,117,647 due to the suspension.

However, when Brady and the Patriots extended his contract two years in February, the deal (which also reportedly included a $28 million signing bonus) backloaded the vast majority of his base salary to the final two years of his contract.


Not only does the new deal contain $41 million overall in new money, it also minimizes Brady’s losses over the course of his four-game suspension next season.

Now that he is scheduled to only be paid $1 million per season in base salary in 2016 and 2017, Brady will only lose about $235,294—a difference of $1,882,353 compared to the amount he previously would have lost in 2016.

It’s hard to discount that extra money, especially considering how expensive fresh, organic vegetables are.