Deflategate meets ‘Lemonade’ thanks to Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan

Feeling cheated?

As Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time prepared to return for its third season on FS1 there were two inescapable topics of conversation: Tom Brady’s Deflategate battle and Beyonce’s Lemonade. The diehard Boston sports fan brought them together in a brief video album of her own released on Wednesday.

“He [expletive] cheated,” Nolan said at the start of the parody video after being told that an appeals court had reinstated Brady’s four-game suspension for Deflategate. “He [expletive] cheated, and he’s making me look like an idiot.”

Over the next four minutes, Nolan channelled her inner Beyonce to deal with some complicated feelings about lying, love and the quarterback of the New England Patriots.


“This is your final warning/

“You know I’d defend you/

“But you try that s–t again/

“I’m gonna suspend you.”

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