Watch Rob Gronkowski take a ballet lesson

No leotard for Gronk.

Watch Rob Gronkowski Take Ballet Lessons from MCB's Nathalia Arja

Ballerinas and football players are both superior athletes. So when New England Patriots Tight-End Rob Gronkowski was in Miami, he took Ballet lessons with Miami City Ballet's Principal Soloist Nathalia Arja. Take a look at this fun video and read the story from GQ Magazine:

Posted by Miami City Ballet on Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rob Gronkowski may be nimble and agile on a football field. But he’s no ballerina. At least, not yet.

With GQ Magazine on hand to document the scene, the Patriots’ tight end recently received a ballet lesson from Nathalia Arja of the Miami City Ballet.

Watch the video above to see Gronk’s training and solo dance routine.

Boston Ballet saw his moves, and is hoping for a local encore.

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