Charlestown cider maker trolls Roger Goodell

The NFL commissioner will have to get his cider elsewhere

Downeast Cider's website trolls Roger Godell.
Downeast Cider's website trolls Roger Godell. –Screengrab/

Downeast Cider House has no interest in serving Roger Goodell.

In the event the NFL commissioner arrives on the Charlestown-based cider company’s website, there’s a yes-or-no question: “Are you Roger Goodell?” If the user clicks “no”, she goes to the site. If she clicks “yes,” she is redirected to the Wikipedia page for the ideal gas law, which you may know from the Deflategate saga. Scientists and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick have cited the law as a defense for quarterback Tom Brady, who was accused of being involved in a ball deflating scheme.

Matt Brockman, one of the owners of Downeast, recently added the feature to the website. His brother and fellow owner, Ross addressed the addition to the site by email on Wednesday.


“I think Matt was just stewing about the recent suspension news, and genuinely didn’t want that [expletive] on our website,” Brockman said. “Born and raised in New England, watching TB & BB win Super Bowls since I was 12, you can imagine how I feel.”

An appeals court reinstated Brady’s four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate on April 25. Brady’s lawyers filed a petition for a rehearing on Monday.

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