Tom Brady on domestic violence: ‘I have no respect for that’

Brady tried hard to "stay in [his] lane" but eventually commented on the NFL's handling of such cases.

Tom Brady has often gone out of his way to avoid commenting on off-field matters.
Tom Brady has often gone out of his way to avoid commenting on off-field matters. –The Associated Press

Speaking during a weekly radio engagement with WEEI, Tom Brady did his best to meander around a series of questions related to domestic violence before speaking his mind.

The interview started with questions about the team’s win in Pittsburgh before pivoting to the issue of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown, the latest NFL player to become embroiled in domestic violence circumstances. Ever self-aware, Brady first tried to avoid responding, given his tenuous recent history with the league office.

The first question pertained to Brown initially being suspended one game when news of his spousal abuse first broke, as compared to Brady’s own suspension.


“I think it’s a league issue,” Brady said. “I’m trying to stay out of all that. I’ll let them handle it.” He also added he “certainly [doesn’t] condone any part of domestic violence,” and that it was a “terrible, terrible thing.”

He was pressed about his take on the league’s handling of domestic violence.

“I’m going to stay in my lane,” Brady said. “Like I said, it’s up to them to decide whatever they want to do… I certainly have opinions, I just don’t care to share them.” But eventually, Brady started to let up, and got a bit personal.

“I grew up with three sisters, and I was very fortunate to learn from a loving father and a loving mother how to treat and respect women,” Brady said. “I have a daughter of my own and domestic violence is a horrible issue… Any type of abuse or bullying of people who can’t defend themselves or fight for themselves, I have no respect for that.”

“Like I said, the NFL, they claim to take tough stances and this is their situation.”

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