What the Rams are saying about the Patriots this week

"They got guys that can make plays."

Jared Goff, took over for the ineffective Case Keenum, knows he has his hands full.
Jared Goff, who took over for the ineffective Case Keenum, knows he has his hands full. –AP/Gerald Herbert

Bill Belichick has yet to be beaten by a rookie quarterback at Gillette Stadium. Jared Goff comes to town this weekend looking to end that run, featuring an offense led by Todd Gurley and the dynamic but inconsistent playmakers Kenny Britt and Tavon Austin. He’ll be helped by a defensive line featuring one of the league’s best in Aaron Donald, as well as former Patriot Dominique Easley.

Here’s what the Rams had to say about their opposition:

Head coach Jeff Fisher:

  • On the Patriots: “The key against this team is your ability to adjust, particularly offensively because there’s a different game plan for everybody… Bill and the staff do a great job preparing the defense… it’s a big challenge for us and we’re excited about it.”
  • On Chris Long: “Of all the places – now it was a difficult decision to part ways with Chris because he’s one of my all time favorites, and a locker room favorite – but of all the places where one would think that he’d have a chance to be successful, it would be New England.”
  • On Tom Brady: “[With] his height and arm strength he can make every throw. They’re on the same page – he doesn’t even have to hand signal to receivers, he just looks at them and they know what to do and he makes a great throw.”
  • On the receivers without Gronkowski: “Gronk’s out, unfortunately for them and fortunately for us because you just can’t stop him, but they have weapons. Danny Amendola, [Julian] Edelman, you name it, they got guys that can make plays.”

Quarterback Jared Goff:

  • On the defense: “I expect them to do what they do and I don’t expect them to change for any reason because they do what they do so well… They have to done it well for a long time and I expect them to continue to do that. I’m sure they are going to bring some stuff, but we’ll be prepared for that.”
  • On Tom Brady: “I’ve been a big fan of his growing up. Obviously, he’s one of the greats if not the greatest. He’s a Bay Area guy as well, so I always looked up to him… He’s really good at everything, has been for a long time… it’ll be cool to be on the same field.
  • On Bill Belichick: “[The most difficult thing is] the variety. They change stuff pretty consistently and do what they do really well… they bring something new every week so you have to adjust.”

Defensive tackle Aaron Donald: 

  • On the Patriots: “They’re a tough team, we gotta come with our a-game, eliminate our mistakes and get after them… We got a game plan and we’re gonna stick to it.”
  • On Tom Brady: “They’re trying to do things, slow us down, but that’s always our mindset. Try to get after him, put pressure on him, get sacks… if we can do that and make his job harder it makes it easier for our guys on the back end.”
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