Rob Gronkowski got the Saturday Night Live treatment from host John Cena, and it was not flattering

"You're like if Dave & Buster's was a person."

Kenan Thompson (left) and John Cena as Rob Gronkowski on Saturday Night Live. Will Heath / NBC

Donald Trump wasn’t the only one to be relentlessly mocked last night on Saturday Night Live.

In a spoof game show intended to teach “financial security to some of the world’s most ignorant millionaires,” SNL host John Cena donned a New England Patriots jersey and did his best Rob Gronkowski impersonation. It wasn’t particularly complimentary of Gronk’s intellect, to say the least.

However, it’s perhaps worth noting that Cena, a pro wrestler and Massachusetts native, is reportedly a “diehard Patriots fan.”

Kenan Thompson, as host Charles Barkley, begins the show with a question about the Patriots tight end’s infamous multi-day party cruise.


“It’s so awesome,” Cena enthusiastically responds, clapping his hands like a child. “Just me, my five brothers, 800 friends doing lemon drop shots, wearing huge sunglasses, heh-heh.” (Gronkowski only has four brothers.)

“Oh man, you’re like if Dave & Buster’s was a person,” Thompson says.

The show, which included impersonations of UFC star Conor McGregor and former pro golfer John Daly, progresses to the question categories, in which the game rules mandate the only correct answer is no.

First question goes to Cena as Gronkowski: “Buy a Cheetah?”

“You’re looking for a pet, but the seller warns you that this pet might eat your family,” Thompson says. “Do you buy it?”


“Hell yeah,” Cena buzzes in. “Cheetah would be awesome, bro. Put sunglasses on it, feed it Cheetos.”

“Gronk, let’s try to remember the rules: The answer is always no,” Thompson replies.

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