Watch The Rock’s response to Tom Brady’s sleepwear video

"Who the f*** directed that? A Jets fan?"

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson reacts to Tom Brady's video. –Via The Rock

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While Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson has no problem labeling Tom Brady as “excellence personified” on the football field, he’s apparently not sold on TB12’s acting chops.

After Brady recently posted a video telling the former pro wrestler and actor about the newly released “performance sleepwear,” The Rock responded with a video of his own. Instead of going with the straightforward, buddy-buddy approach (as is often the case between celebrities), The Rock took issue with Brady’s video in a (playful) roast:

The Rock did offer that he would give Brady’s recovery sleepwear a chance, though he noted it differs from his usual style (sleeping naked).


In the end, The Rock offered his congratulations on a successful product launch, while also offering luck to Brady and the Patriots in the playoffs. He closed with a reminder to “leave the acting to me,” before plugging the release date of his latest film, “Baywatch“.

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