Looking back on Anthony Smith ‘guaranteeing’ a Steelers win against the Patriots

It didn't go very well.

Randy Moss taunts Anthony Smith during the regular season matchup in 2007.
Randy Moss taunts Anthony Smith during the regular season matchup in 2007. –Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Almost exactly a decade ago, the Patriots-Steelers rivalry produced one of its more regrettable soundbites, and it completely backfired on its author.

In the run-up to a December clash between the two AFC powerhouses in 2007, second year Steelers safety Anthony Smith guaranteed a win against the (undefeated) Patriots. When asked about it, he doubled down:

Brady and the Patriots not only heard Smith, they went directly at him when the game began. Randy Moss caught a 63-yard touchdown running past Smith. And the Patriots used a double pass play to exploit Smith for a second score:

Brady himself found Smith after one score, making sure his thoughts were understood.


“I don’t care to repeat what I said, especially if my mother reads it,” Brady said afterward. “She wouldn’t be very happy.”

Smith denied hearing what Brady said, but even the drama-averse Bill Belichick couldn’t resist a swipe at the safety.

“We’ve played against a lot better safeties than him, I’ll tell you,” said the Patriots coach. By the game’s end, the stats told a stark picture. The Patriots passed 46 times for 399 yards and four touchdowns, barely bothering with a run game. A 34-13 victory offered a high profile reminder that not everyone can do what Joe Namath did.

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