Watch Rob Gronkowski catch, drink, and spike beers thrown from the crowd during the Patriots parade

Great hands.

Boston, MA - 2/7/2017   - New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski shoot a beer into his mouth during the New England Patriots' Super Bowl Parade in Boston, MA, February 7, 2017. (Keith Bedford/Globe Staff)
New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski drinks a beer during Tuesday's parade. –Keith Bedford / The Boston Globe

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Rob Gronkowski may be recovering from a back injury, but his hands are still good.

The Patriots tight end seems to be having a very good time at Tuesday’s victory parade through downtown Boston.

Gronk caught and spiked (as he does) a second beer later in the parade. That’s more receptions Tuesday than the injured tight end has had in the last two months.

Update (1:45 p.m.): And a third.

Update (1:52 p.m.): And a fourth:

Update (2:03 p.m.): And a fifth.

In case you forgot, Gronk also put on quite a performance at the 2015 parade, which included this brilliant slow-motion video of him catching a nip of Fireball whisky.

Gronk chugged this fireball like a goddamn Super Bowl Champion… And then spiked it. #gronkingtoremember

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In a press conference Monday, city officials reiterated that public drinking at the parade was prohibited. But well… that guidance appears to have been actively ignored in the duck boats. Drink responsibly, I guess?