Chris Long unleashed a Twitter rant about White House backlash

"Rapid fire time, yeah?"

Chris Long is pictured on the field during a regular season game against the Dolphins. Jim Davis/Globe staff

Patriots defensive end Chris Long went on the offensive Thursday night, taking to Twitter to address the criticism he has received for his decision to forego the team’s visit to the White House. Long is one of six players who have publicly announced their intentions to skip the celebration with the president.

The 31-year-old started by voicing his confusion to one user’s tweet that told him to “be a man and go to the White House.”

Less than an hour later, Long decided that wasn’t enough and fired off a series of 13 tweets over the course of about 10 minutes. (Warning: Bad language ahead.)


The Patriot shared some of the comments he’s received over the past week, along with a personal rebuttal for each.

Check out some of the highlights: