Rob Gronkowski attends WWE Smackdown, celebrates with Mojo Rawley

Rob Gronkowski — who was sighted two years ago at a WWE show in Providence getting very hyped — attended another WWE show Tuesday night. And got very hyped.

Some might say he stayed hyped.

The Patriots tight end, who underwent back surgery in December, is apparently feeling well enough to execute headlocks on fellow, very hyped attendees.

Gronkowski is reportedly good friends with wrestler Mojo Rawley, who was a teammate of Gronkowski’s brothers, Dan and Chris, on the University of Maryland’s football team. After the match, Rawley tweeted a photo of himself celebrating with Gronk.

Rawley has said he is essentially another Gronkowski brother and actually credits Gronkowski’s father, Gordon, for his wrestling career.


“Papa Gronk — he calls me his sixth son, and I call him my second dad. We all grew up together before anyone achieved any kind of level of success,” Rawley told ESPN earlier this month.

The WWE star reportedly said Gronkowski is “dying to get in the squared circle.”

“He’s fired up doing something with me here at WWE, and I can’t wait to have him,” Rawley told ESPN. “We’ve been dreaming about it for years.”

And while that didn’t happen Tuesday, Gronkowski has indeed expressed interest.

In a promotional video for DraftKings last year, Gronkowski told Katie Nolan that he would love to someday make a WWE appearance.

“I don’t know if I would want to do it full time, but I would definitely want to make an appearance in the ring once and jump off the top ropes and give somebody an elbow job,” he said.

Gronkowski said his finishing move would be spiking his opponents head into the ground and suggested his wrestling name would be “The Gronk.”

In 2015, Gronkowski showed off a preview of what his wrestling routine might look like in a street with Rawley.

Also that year, Rawley attended Universal Orlando with the Gronkowski family. He really does seem to fit right in.