David Blaine performed a private magic trick for Tom Brady and Gisele

"He is a trained professional and a GOAT!"

Tom Brady and Gisele watch David Blaine eat glass. Instagram

Some Patriots fans may consider what Tom Brady does on the football field to be magic, but the quarterback was stunned by a real magician, David Blaine, on Wednesday night.

In a private setting, Brady and wife Gisele Bündchen watched in awe as Blaine ate a piece of glass like it was nothing.

The couple, who was joined by Brazilian TV host Luciano Huck, could not believe their eyes, and Gisele jokingly offered the illusionist a banana while he was chewing on the shards.

But when Brady gestured to take a bite of the glass, the supermodel quickly exclaimed, “¡Pare!”—which means “stop” in Portuguese.