Can you name the 6 quarterbacks drafted before Tom Brady?

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FEBRUARY 3, 2002:  NEW ORLEANS, LA: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after leading the Patriots to victory in Superebowl XXXVI at the Louisiana Superdome against the St. Louis Rams.   GLOBE STAFF PHOTO/JIM DAVIS

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after leading the Patriots to victory in Super Bowl XXXVI against the St. Louis Rams. –Jim Davis/Globe staff

Seventeen years ago, the New England Patriots drafted Tom Brady as the 199th overall pick in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft. Coincidentally, the date of the draft was head coach Bill Belichick’s 48th birthday.

It’s unlikely that Belichick has since received a better birthday present, as he and Brady went on to win five Super Bowl championships together, becoming one of the most legendary duos in league history.

Those familiar with Brady’s career, however, know that the quarterback wasn’t always worshiped the way he is today. While the star might seem like an obvious first pick now, six other QBs were selected before the Michigan alum back in 2000.


Here’s the complete list of passers who were picked ahead of Brady:

1. Chad Pennington
College: Marshall
Pick: No. 18, Round 1
Team: New York Jets

A fellow AFC East quarterback, Pennington played eight seasons with the New York Jets before finishing the final three seasons of his career with the Miami Dolphins. He never advanced farther than the divisional round of the playoffs, but Pennington boasts an impressive 66 percent career completion rate.

Injuries likely prevented the Knoxville native from reaching his full potential, though he did win the NFL Comeback Player of the Year award in both 2006 and 2008. In 2008, he also finished second in MVP voting behind Peyton Manning.

2. Giovanni Carmazzi
College: Hofstra
Pick: No. 65, Round 3
Team: San Francisco 49ers

If there’s any player that Brady might hold a smidge of envy towards, it’s Carmazzi. Drafted by TB12’s favorite football team growing up, the Hofstra QB was a member of the 49ers roster for just one year as a backup quarterback to Jeff Garcia. Carmazzi never ended up playing in an NFL game.

3. Chris Redman
College: Louisville
Pick: No. 75, Round 3
Team: Baltimore Ravens

Redman’s career happened in two waves. The first came from 2000-2003 with the Baltimore Ravens, while the second was from 2007-2011 with the Atlanta Falcons. He was actually signed by the Patriots in January 2004, but the team waived him in June of that same year.


Redman nabbed a ring his rookie season when the Ravens defeated the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXXV. He threw for 19 yards that season as a backup to Tony Banks and Trent Dilfer.

4. Tee Martin
College: Tennessee
Pick: No. 163, Round 5
Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

Martin, who is now the offensive coordinator for the University of Southern California’s football team, was a member of three different teams over the course of his four years in the NFL. He played in just three games during that time.

5. Marc Bulger
College: West Virginia
Pick: No. 168, Round 6
Team: New Orleans Saints

Despite being drafted by the Saints, Bulger spent the majority of his career as the starting quarterback for the St. Louis Rams. The two-time Pro Bowl selection recorded 122 touchdowns for over 22,000 passing yards.

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6. Spergon Wynn
College: Minnesota
Pick: No. 183, Round 6
Team: Cleveland Browns

Wynn’s only start with the Browns was a 48-0 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Cleveland ended up trading him to the Minnesota Vikings, where he would start two more games and throw the lone touchdown pass of his career.

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