Listen to Tom Brady explain Julian Edelman’s Super Bowl catch to a group of children

"I thought it was really close to getting picked."

Tom Brady signals "good catch" as he watches the replay after a fourth-quarter catch near the turf by Julian Edelman was ruled complete by a replay review. –Jim Davis/Globe staff

On Wednesday, Tom Brady met with a group of nine children as part of a Make-A-Wish Foundation event at Gillette Stadium.

The quarterback greeted the children and their families before taking the time to answer some of their questions about football, sign autographs, and pose for photographs on the field.

During the Q&A, one young boy asked Brady about the famous gravity-defying catch by wide receiver Julian Edelman during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl LI: “When you threw it, did you think it was going to get picked at first?”

“I thought it was really close to getting picked,” he responded. “So like, I’m always looking, like, when I think the DB is going to turn his head. And I knew he was going to turn his head quick, based on where he was, so I tried to throw it really quick before he could get his head around. And then he was just late enough to get his hands on the ball to deflect it, and then still, how Julian caught it is unbelievable.”


Watch Edelman’s catch below.


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