Malcolm Mitchell is still interested in joining Reese Witherspoon’s book club

Maclcom Mitchell runs after a catch during the 2016 season.
Maclcom Mitchell runs after a catch during the 2016 season. –Maddie Meyer / Getty Images

In 2015, Malcolm Mitchell did something remarkable among college football players: he published his own children’s book. Mitchell wrote the book after a chance encounter led to a membership in a book club while in school at the University of Georgia. After he was drafted by the Patriots in 2016, the story received widespread attention, drawing praise from a few high profile people.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft discussed the book with Mitchell in a phone call after he was picked, and actress Reese Witherspoon tweeted at him, offering a place in her book club:

But Mitchell has been a bit preoccupied helping the Patriots win a Super Bowl to follow up with either Witherspoon or the Patriots’ owner, as he discussed in an upcoming episode of ESPN’s “E60”:


Mitchell noted that he’s still open to joining Witherspoon’s book club if “her people reach my people”:

The Magician’s Hat,” Mitchell’s book, was published in 2015 and has received largely positive reviews.


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