Boston’s new Tom Brady wax figure is getting not-so-great reviews

However, the museum is taking it in stride.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady takes questions from members of the media during an NFL football news conference Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2016, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady takes questions during a press conference last year. –Steven Senne / AP

It may not be as unflattering as the infamous courtroom sketch, but the new Tom Brady wax figure in Boston’s Dreamland Wax Museum is taking some heat.

The museum, which opened Monday, contains a broad range of wax figures, including a number of prominent Bostonians. However, its depiction of the New England Patriots quarterback has particularly drawn attention. And not for good reasons.

NBC Boston’s Marc Fortier was the first this week to point out the Brady figure in particular, after his outlet ran a piece on the museum.

Fortier’s colleague Raul Martinez asked whether the new wax figure was even creepier than the aforementioned courtroom sketch or the fake Brady mask spotted at Patriots games last year.


Sports Illustrated wrote that the figure hit closer to former NFL quarterbacks Bernie Kosar or David Carr. Some said it looked more like former Bruins winger Milan Lucic; others suggested Brady’s former Saturday Night Live impressionist. Barstool called it “an affront.”

Michael Pelletz, Dreamland’s vice president of sales, defended his museum’s work, explaining the painstaking art of creating each wax figure.

“There are only a handful of people in the world that can do this artistry,” Pelletz said in an email. “Each head takes 6 months to create. The hair alone is put in 1 follicle at a time. The hair alone takes around 50 days.”

The only way to achieve a perfect recreation, he said, is for the wax figure subject to sit with an artist and take more than 200 measurements, which he said the museum is planning to do with two or three local celebrities a year.

Pelletz also extended the invitation to Brady.

“I am from Boston and we at The Dreamland Wax Museum [are] all huge Brady fans, so this is our top priority to get it done,” he said.

In the midst of Patriots training camp, it’s not clear if Brady will have the time to sit down for hundreds of measurements anytime in the near future. Pelletz suggested that Dreamland will campaign for him to do so.


“We will get him,” he wrote.

Whatever you think of the Brady’s current replica, at least it’s smiling.