What’s Gronk getting Tom Brady for his 40th birthday? Touchdowns, of course.

Rob Gronkowski speaks to reporters Wednesday after a Patriots practice in Foxborough. Aram Boghosian / The Boston Globe

Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady have a good deal worked out: Brady cooks him meals and, in return, Gronk catches the ball.

“I look at him and he turns 40 tomorrow and he runs around like he’s younger than me,” Gronkowski told reporters Wednesday, explaining why he recently adopted Brady’s fitness regimen.

As the Boston Herald reported this week, the tight end even agreed to eat one meal a day from Brady’s infamously strict diet plan — but only if the quarterback himself cooked them.

So far, so good, says Gronk.

“Dinners are super healthy,” he said. “But after this type of workout you fiend for that type of stuff. That’s when you want all those nutrients. That’s when you want to eat it. So he cooks them for me, I eat them.”


Gronk added that it was “pretty wild” that Brady turns 40 years old on Thursday.

“Today is his last day in his 30s,” he said. “There’s nowhere else he wants to spend it besides the football field.”

But what do you get a 40-year-old NFL quarterback with five Super Bowl rings for his birthday?

“I get him touchdowns,” said Gronkowski, who’s caught more touchdowns from Brady than any other player.

“That’s all he wants,” he said.