A famed Massachusetts brewery sent out beer cans with a birthday message for Tom Brady

If Tom Brady is looking to crack open a cold one to celebrate his birthday, Tree House Brewing Company has the perfect can of beer for the quarterback.

On Thursday, the Charlton-based brewery sent out 1,000 cases of one of their IPAs with a special note printed on the bottom: “HBD TB12.” The message was stamped underneath 24,000 cans of Sap, along with the date the beer was packaged, which was Brady’s 40th birthday, and “THE G.O.A.T.”

According to operations manager Dave Upton, the words surrounding the date code change daily. Although the message isn’t always fun and is sometimes purely informational, Upton says the team comes in every morning thinking about different ways to spice things up. Seeing as many of the staff members are huge Boston sports fans, their most recent idea came to mind fairly quickly.


August 3 is by no means the first time the brewery has paid homage to the Patriots. After New England’s Super Bowl LI win, they printed “unequivocally the sweetest” around February 6, as a nod to team owner Robert Kraft’s famous quote from his post-game victory speech. And back in May, Tree House trolled the Baltimore Ravens when they begged the ongoing question about their quarterback: “Is Joe Flacco elite?”

When asked if there will be future surprises in store for Pats fans, Upton said, “It depends on how the season goes, but I’m sure we’ll have some later on. Hopefully, we’ll have one for Super Bowl LII.”