Chris Martin made fun of Tom Brady’s age during Friday night’s Coldplay concert

Lead singer of British band Coldplay Chris Martin with guitarist Jonny Buckland perform at The Stade de France Arena in Saint Denis on the outskirts of Paris on July 15, 2017. Geoffroy Van der Hasselt/AFP/Getty Images

Gillette Stadium was transformed from a football field into a concert venue Friday night, but the home team wasn’t forgotten during British rock band Coldplay’s performance.

At the beginning of their set, the group reportedly told the Foxborough crowd: “We just want you to cheer like you just won the Super Bowl … not that you’d know anything about that.”

It’s safe to say that Patriots fans are pretty familiar with that feeling, having five Super Bowl victories under their belts. Coldplay endorsed New England to win its most recent championship during their concert at Gillette Stadium last summer.

Speaking to reporters following Friday’s training camp session, quarterback Tom Brady revealed that seven-time Grammy Award winner is one of his favorite bands.


“I think I might try to sneak out there,” he said. “I’d like to be out there. I think we have meetings to a certain point, but after that, I’d love to see it.”

While Brady’s attendance is still unconfirmed, Coldplay’s lead vocalist and keyboardist Chris Martin gave the newly turned 40-year-old a shoutout. But like Patriots third-string quarterback Jacoby Brissett, he couldn’t help but poke fun at Brady’s age.

“I know that yesterday the greatest quarterback of all time claims he turned 40 years old,” Martin told the cheering audience. “We wanna say to Tom, ‘Happy birthday to a great man and thank you for letting us be in your dressing room.’ But between you and me, between you and me, I counted 56 candles on that cake.”

“So I don’t know how old he really is,” Martin continued. “I don’t know what he’s really up to back there, but there was some crazy s*** going on with the candles. Back there, he has gray hair, he has a cane. Then he just puts all this makeup on, comes out here, and looks like a f****** demigod. But back there, he’s just an ugly old man. So happy birthday, Tom.”


To close his brief interlude, the singer thanked Bill Belichick for putting the moon right above the stage and credited that placement to “the power of the Patriots.”