Malcolm Mitchell has a pretty good ‘Game of Thrones’ theory

"I usually watch it back-to-back, but last night we had to be here early, so I only got to watch it one time."

Malcolm Mitchell during the 2016 season.
Malcolm Mitchell during the 2016 season. –Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Busy as the Patriots are during training camp, they still make time for Game of Thrones just like the rest of us.

Malcolm Mitchell is not the only member of the team who has offered thoughts on the popular HBO show. And following another thrilling episode on Sunday, he felt compelled to expand on a theory (warning: there may be spoilers) he has when asked by Henry McKenna of Patriots Wire:

Mitchell alluded to his fandom by noting that he normally watches new episodes twice after they air.

Whether or not his quarterback shares Mitchell’s fandom of Game of Thrones isn’t actually known, though Tom Brady borrowed an image (and phrase) from the show last season: