Julian Edelman compares joint practices to a school field trip

It’s been a few years since Julian Edelman was last in school, but the wide receiver told reporters on Tuesday that joint practices remind him of a former educational pastime.

“You have an opportunity to get out of training camp. It’s almost like when you’re in school, you go on a field trip,” Edelman said.

The Patriots are currently practicing with the Texans at the Greenbrier resort in West Virginia.

“You’re maybe learning things, but it’s like 10 times better than being in class. That’s like the same thing with joint practices,” the Kent State alum continued. “You get to go out, you get to hit someone new. You get to go use your techniques you’ve been working against guys for so long against someone new and see how they stack up. Against a team like this, with how well-coached they are and the talented players that they have, that’s definitely great for our team.”


New England and Houston will have another joint practice on Wednesday and a team walk-through on Thursday before traveling to Texas. The teams will face off in their second preseason games of the year on Saturday.