Bill Belichick greeted the eclipse with ‘great’ enthusiasm

It answered a question that Linda Holliday originally posed on Twitter.

Bill Belichick, probably not looking at the eclipse.
Bill Belichick, probably not looking at the eclipse. –AP Photo/Chuck Burton

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Bill Belichick was so excited for the eclipse on Monday that he decided to schedule a routine press conference for the exact same time.

Patriots reporters were thrilled about time conflict:

At the end of his regular question and answer period, Belichick was asked about the cosmic event:

The response comes after a morning of speculation from Linda Holliday, Belichick’s girlfriend. Holliday noted, with accuracy, that Belichick would be far less thrilled than the average person:

Alabama coach Nick Saban, who was once a defensive coordinator for Belichick’s Browns in the ’90s, showed a similar enthusiasm (or lack thereof):

Naturally, Patriots fans posted their own representation of how the eclipse looked: