Tom Brady is out to expose a phony hot tub salesman in the latest ‘TB Times’

Tom Brady knows a thing or two about broken jets.

In the latest edition of the ‘TB Times’ comics, Brady is a detective looking to take down some false advertising made by a hot tub salesman. The salesman, also known as “Big Apple,” claims his hot tub jets are the best in the business, but Brady has an incline that that’s not the case.

He arranges a scheme to catch “Big Apple” in his tracks, asking to try out one of his highly esteemed hot tubs. As the salesman leaves to get his remote, Brady enlists the help of teammate Dont’a Hightower to knock out the fraudster.


Once the arrest is made, Brady tell his colleague: “I’ve been in this game far too long to get fooled by some phony jets.”


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