The Gronkowski brothers played flip cup against A-Rod on ‘Shark Tank’

It was a classically bold, Gronkian strategy to compete against potential investors.

Rob Gronkowski had a good day on Sunday. In the afternoon, he hauled in a pair of touchdowns as the Patriots rallied to beat the rival Jets, 24-17. And at night, his family appearance on “Shark Tank” went swimmingly.

Flanked by his brothers, the the 28-year-old football player with a flare for the entrepreneurial pitched the “shark” investors on the “Ice Shaker,” a product that promises to store ice for up to 30 hours. Among the investors was former Yankees shortstop – and longtime Red Sox nemesis – Alex Rodriguez. Interestingly, Rodriguez and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban showed immediate interest in investing in the “Ice Shaker.”


The episode also included a flip cup matchup between the Gronkowski brothers and the sharks. Naturally, the Gronkowskis emerged victorious:

Despite decimating them in flip cup, the Gronkowskis were ultimately able to secure $150,000 worth of investment from both Rodriguez and Cuban. In exchange, the two will have 15 percent equity in the product.


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