Patriots fans at Gillette Stadium made it impossible for the Falcons to forget ’28-3′

Even the Celtics made a 28-3 reference.

Fans prior to the Patriots-Falcons game.
Fans prior to the Patriots-Falcons game. –Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

As the Patriots dominated the Falcons Sunday night, 23-7, New England fans made sure that one particular aspect of Super Bowl LI was not forgotten. Given the miraculous nature of Tom Brady and the Patriots’ comeback in February, 2017, it was little surprise that fans latched onto the now-famous 28-3 scoreline.

Of course, the Patriots rallied from the 25-point deficit to win the Super Bowl. In the Week 7 meeting on Sunday, more than a few in Gillette Stadium offered reminders of the comeback:

A banner was placed prominently at field level:

The Falcons warmed up in front of it:

The scoreline was visible on multiple occasions on the television broadcast:


And a banner even found its way onto the field beforehand:

A member of the military couldn’t hide his football loyalty:

Prior to the game, the Celtics also got in on the 28-3 act:

Here are a few other photos from Gillette Stadium:

Fans hold a sign with the score from Super Bowl 51. —AP Photo/Charles Krupa
For the Falcons, the sign is infamous despite the flattering scoreline. —CJ GUNTHER/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock
Even fans on the field held a banner of the 28-3 scoreline from Super Bowl LI. —Barry Chin / Globe staff

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