Tom Brady had quite the one-liner for Julian Edelman after his ACL tear

It appears that Tom Brady has taken a page out of Frank Edelman’s book.

Julian Edelman wrote in his memoir, Relentess, that his father would always tell him, “no sniveling,” which means no feeling sorry for yourself. And Brady gave the wide receiver some of that same tough love following Edelman’s season-ending knee injury in the Patriots’ third preseason game.

“I tear my ACL, right?” he told Dan Patrick. “And the first thing he says to me a week after, he goes, ‘Take a tablespoon of cement, Bubs. We’ll see you in a couple months.'”

During their interview, Patrick also asked if there was anything the 31-year-old — who played quarterback in college — could do better than Brady as a passer. Aside from running, that is.


“I had a good cadence,” Edelman said, before offering a sampling of his play calls. “I could always get guys to jump offsides. He’s good, too, but I think I may have him on the cadence.”

He then gave his best impersonation of Brady, which happened to be in falsetto and a few pitches higher than his own.

“He’s going to yell at me for that one,” Edelman said. “I make fun of him too much. He gets mad at me. He’s sensitive.”

When Patrick asked for confirmation about Brady’s sensitivity, Edelman clarified: “No, he’s not. He could eat cement.”


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