Jonathan Kraft says Jerry Jones should follow his own advice when it comes to Roger Goodell

"We ended up taking that advice and we ended up winning the Super Bowl."

Jonathan Robert Kraft Patriots
New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft (right) pictured with his son Jonathan Kraft (left) at the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump this past January. –MICHAEL REYNOLDS / EPA

Jonathan Kraft thinks Cowboys owner Jerry Jones should follow his own advice when it comes to his battle with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

In a pregame interview Sunday on 98.5 The Sports Hub, the Patriots president was asked about Jones’s efforts to hold up Goodell’s contract extension over the league’s suspension of Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott. According to a recent ESPN report, Jones promised Goodell and NFL representatives in a phone call that he would “come after you with everything I have.”

“If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a [expletive] compared to what I’m going to do,” Jones reportedly said, referring to the Patriots’ bitter feud with the league during the infamous Deflategate controversy.


Kraft said Sunday that the Cowboys owner’s approach was much different when the roles were reversed.

“Back when our fan base and ourselves were going through the whole air pressure thing, Jerry had gone through the salary cap stuff and he said basically, you know, ‘I think y’all should just take your medicine and focus on winning football games.'” he told The Sports Hub.

Kraft said it was tough advice to take at the time, reiterating how the franchise and its fans thought the league’s four-game suspension of quarterback Tom Brady was unfair. But eventually, they relented and dropped their appeal. And ultimately, the strategy worked out.

“We ended up taking that advice and we ended up winning the Super Bowl, and I think it was good advice,” Kraft said.

The Patriots president was then asked specifically about the comments Jones reportedly made about his father. Kraft said he didn’t know whether the report was true. But if it was, he suggested the Cowboys owner look at the Patriots’ approach as a path to be replicated, rather than for juxtaposition.

“Robert, at the end of the day, followed Jerry’s own advice,” Kraft said, declining to comment on the subject of Goodell’s contract extension because of potential legal ramifications.


Coincidentally, at roughly the same time Kraft spoke about the franchise’s past feuds with Goodell, his father was actually meeting with the NFL commissioner on the field before the Patriots game Sunday afternoon in Mexico City.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft talks with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell prior to Sunday’s game between the New England Patriots and the Oakland Raiders at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. —Buda Mendes / Getty Images