Morning sports update: Bill Belichick not ‘in any big rush’ to play in Mexico City again

"It was a good trip but it took a lot out of us."

Bill Belichick speaks to the media after the Patriots' win in Mexico City against the Raiders.
Bill Belichick speaks to the media after the Patriots' win in Mexico City against the Raiders. –AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

The Celtics won yet again on Monday night, extending their winning streak to 16 games. It was another comeback, highlighted by Kyrie Irving’s 47 points.

Here’s news about that, and a few other stories from around the world of sports:

Bill Belichick is not lining up to have the Patriots return to Mexico City: While the Patriots’ players had nothing but nice things to say about playing in Mexico City, their coach had an unsurprisingly grumpier tone.

“Personally, I wouldn’t be in any big rush to do it again,” Belichick said in a Monday interview on WEEI’s Dale & Holley with Keefe. “It’s a long way to go for a game. There’s a lot to it in terms of all the logistics of it. They are not used to having a NFL team so you have to go in there and handle a lot of the logistics. It took a lot of man power, a lot of hours, a lot of energy out of our organization to do that. This week, we’re tired. We are exhausted from the trip. It was a good trip, but it took a lot out of us I think.”


Looking back on the greatness of Terry Glenn: In the wake of the tragic news of Terry Glenn’s death in a car accident at the age of 43, many Patriots fans were left to look back on some of his magical moments in New England.

And as columnist Chad Finn explores, Glenn’s mere presence in New England was a contested issue amongst Patriots hierarchy in 1996. In the end, however, Glenn’s talent won over his skeptics. (

Kyrie rescued the Celtics and their winning streak: Staring through his protective mask at a 13-point fourth quarter deficit, Kyrie Irving pushed his offense to another level. Buoyed by his final total of 47 points, the Celtics emerged once again victorious in overtime against the Mavericks.

“I don’t really see it as a pressure situation,” Irving said. “It’s just like being in the park and it’s 7-7 and game is 8 and someone calls ‘win by 2’ and you call ‘(win) straight up.’ That’s when the defense just starts to crank up. I don’t want to say the NBA is like playing at the park but for me I see it as fun basketball.” (Boston Globe)

Local high school football rivals eagerly anticipating Fenway Park matchup: The BC High-Catholic Memorial rivalry is once again being played in a hallowed venue. As it was in 2015, the matchup will again take place in Fenway Park at 7 p.m. on Thanksgiving.


“It’s a great rivalry, a historic rivalry . . . and to play the game at Fenway makes it that much more special,” CM coach Brent Williams said. (Boston Globe)

Daily highlight: Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart made two excellent saves to keep a fourth-quarter Celtics’ possession alive. Kyrie Irving took care of the rest:


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