Bill Belichick had the same reaction to all five Patriots touchdowns on Sunday

Or lack thereof.

Bill Belichick New England Patriots
Bill Belichick arrives on the field for the Patriots' practice at their facility at Gillette Stadium. –John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

New England notched five touchdowns against Miami Sunday afternoon, but judging by the look from Bill Belichick on the sidelines, one might be unable to tell that the Patriots had scored even once.

Belichick was mic’d up for the team’s division contest against the Dolphins, but the head coach offered zero sound bites after the Patriots’ quintet of TDs. Following each score, the 65-year-old stowed his hands in the pocket of his hoodie, occasionally glanced up at the scoreboard, and kept mum — without a clap, nor a whistle, nor a smile.

Belichick by no means was silent for the duration of the game, however. He became rather animated in response to some of the calls by the referees.


“Can you measure it? Can you measure it? Can you measure this?” he shouted at one point, with increasing frustration. “The ball is sitting right there. Just go out and measure it! I want to see if it’s two inches or a foot or what it is.”

But not all of Belichick’s expressions were ones of exasperation. After Jonathan Jones’ sack of Matt Moore, Patriots cornerback Johnson Bademosi unwittingly yelled in excitement right in front of Belichick — bringing a smile and slight chuckle to the coach’s face.

Watch the full spectrum of his reactions below.


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