Odell Beckham Jr. sparked a debate about Tom Brady’s sideline outburst

Odell Beckham Jr. New York Giants
Odell Beckham Jr. warms up prior to the New York Giants' game against the Detroit Lions at MetLife Stadium on September 18, 2017. –Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

After erupting on the sidelines following a failed third-down conversion Sunday, Tom Brady classified his outburst as “just football.”

But some are wondering why there hasn’t been greater backlash toward Brady’s reaction, arguing that his fiery storm of words toward offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels likely would have drawn criticism had it come from another player.

Injured Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. voiced his thoughts on Twitter early Monday morning, after a user tweeted his displeasure regarding the positive reception to Brady’s testy display. The individual took issue with the fact that Brady’s reaction was considered to be “passion,” while Beckham Jr.’s same “passion” would likely be interpreted differently.


Beckham Jr. responded on Twitter, writing that he “literally had this exact same conversation today.” The 25-year-old went on to point out that he has been called “selfish” and “uncomposed,” among other things, despite watching “that man do that exact same thing for years.”

He closed his message, however, by saying that he’s learned from Brady. Calling the 40-year-old the GOAT, Beckham Jr. expressed his admiration towards the five-time Super Bowl champion: “I’m following his lead.”

During NFL preseason last year, Brady called Beckham Jr. “a great young player” whom he loves watching. The pair also swapped signed jerseys after the Patriots played the Giants at Met Life Stadium.


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