Tom Brady says Rob Gronkowski gets held by defenders ‘the whole game’

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in Nov. 2017.
Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in Nov. 2017. –Jim Davis/Boston Globe

Tom Brady was asked about Rob Gronkowski’s dirty hit on Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White during his weekly appearance on WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan. In his response, the Patriots’ quarterback explained the circumstances that might have led to Gronkowski’s moment of “frustration.”

While Brady acknowledged that the hit was “obviously” unnecessary and worthy of a penalty, he offered some detail on what Gronkowski regularly faces from both defenders and–by extension–NFL referees:

I think for him it is frustrating. He’s 270 pounds, so when they put a 190-pound player on him, any time there’s any contact just by inertia, the other defender is going to move. You basically limit it to a non-contact play and it’s just try to out quick someone, which obviously those guys are a lot quicker. Gronk tries to get as close as he can to use his size, but the refs, they throw a lot of flags on him. He’s tried to change his style of play a little bit, but I think he obviously gets grabbed and held all day long. I’d say it is very frustrating for him to get these pass interference calls and he’s getting held the whole game and he doesn’t get a call. I can see why he’s very frustrated. It’s frustrating for everybody.

When asked if he thought Gronkowski will be suspended for the hit, Brady added “I certainly hope not.”

Also in the interview, Brady heaped praise on offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Despite showing some frustration with McDaniels on the sidelines Sunday, Brady had no doubts the future of his coordinator (who will potentially be a head coaching candidate).


“Josh should be sought after because I think he’s the best coordinator in football,” said Brady.


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