Bills players reportedly ‘want to put them hands’ on Rob Gronkowski

Micah Hyde Rob Gronkowski
Micah Hyde argues with Rob Gronkowski during the second half of the Patriots-Bills game. –AP Photo/Adrian Kraus

After their chippy game in Buffalo last week, the Bills and the Patriots will rematch at Gillette Stadium on Christmas Eve.

According to former NFL safety Ryan Clark, Bills players will be eager to avenge Rob Gronkowski’s late hit on Tre’Davious White from their first meeting. The NFL levied a one-game suspension against Gronkowski for his unnecessary roughness, but Clark indicated the Bills are out for more.

He told ESPN’s Ryen Russillo White texted him, “The whole hood want ’em.”

“He said the whole hood want ’em, you know what I mean? The whole hood want Gronk, for sure,” Clark said on ESPN Radio. “That’s the exact text: ‘The whole hood want ’em.’ E. M. ‘Em.”


Asked to clarify the meaning behind White’s message, Clark said it denotes that “they want to put them hands on him.”

The 38-year-old was dismayed by Gronkowski’s actions, calling his move “cheap” and “dirty.” Clark also said the Bills should have “jumped” the tight end as an act of solidarity.

“That was my initial thought: that his teammates should have came to his defense,” he told Russillo. “Obviously you can’t just throw hands, well, they do throw hands now in the league, but you can’t just do that. In some way, his teammates should have let Gronkowski know how dirty and how out of bounds that play was. So I was kind of disappointed in that.”

Clark also expressed his frustration with the lack of criticism toward Gronk following the incident. Clark said his “big, jolly frat-guy persona” allowed him to get away with “a terrible decision that put somebody else’s career and livelihood in jeopardy.”

When asked about Clark’s comments, Bills safety Micah Hyde said that he needs “a translation on that, too.”

“I really don’t know,” Hyde said, via ESPN’s Mike Rodak. “To me, maybe it was Tre just joking around. I don’t know why [Clark] would share a personal conversation on ESPN Radio. But that’s up to Tre, it’s his business.”


Hyde was flagged for unnecessary roughness for shoving Danny Amendola after the play on Sunday.


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