Joe Thomas raised a question about the worth of Tom Brady and Roger Goodell

Browns tackle Joe Thomas has become a leader for the young team.
Joe Thomas' injury this season snapped his consecutive plays streak. –AP Photo/Ron Schwane

Roger Goodell’s new contract extension has Joe Thomas perplexed.

The injured Cleveland Browns tackle posed some questions about the NFL commissioner’s new 5-year, $200 million deal via Twitter Wednesday. Seemingly surprised at the compensation, he first asked, “5 years 200 million for @nflcommish…who were they competing with to sign him?”

He followed that up with a comparison to one of the league’s highly regarded players: Tom Brady. Juxtaposing the two salary figures, he wrote: “Tom Brady makes $20.5mm per year; @nflcommish makes $40mm per year. So does that mean that Roger Goodell is twice as valuable to the NFL and twice as hard to replace?”


Thomas’ comments suggest Goodell is overpaid, which is something that has been buzzing around the league for quite some time.

Brady — who has a contentious relationship with Goodell as a result of the Deflategate controversy — is paid solely by New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, under a salary cap. Goodell, on the other hand, is paid by all 32 team owners, without a salary cap.

Chosen out of a field of five finalists, Goodell started the role as commissioner in 2006. His contract extension faced rancorous backlash from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who at one point threatened to sue the NFL over the deal. During his tenure, he has frequently come under fire for his handling of player conduct issues.


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