Here are the inevitable Tom Brady hot takes after the Patriots’ loss to Dolphins

Some responses were more measured than others.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady sits on the Patriots' bench during the loss to the Dolphins. AP

Following the Patriots’ 27-20 loss to the Dolphins on Monday night, a familiar response once again emerged. When Tom Brady has a bad day, pundits predict his imminent football demise.

The hot take – a term used to describe an especially bold prediction – generally appears in the aftermath of a rare Brady misstep. The result, almost without fail, is a brave prognostication that Brady is finally signaling his decline. Of course, Brady has proven these prophecies wrong many times. He will get his chance to do so once again on Sunday against the Steelers.

Here’s a quick look at some of the hottest takes following the Patriots’ loss in Miami:


In a departure from the usual route, one take focused more on Patriots fans:

FS1 host and Big Lead writer Jason McIntyre offered his own Brady take:

However, for context, he also added that he believes Brady will bounce back:

FS1’s Skip Bayless offered a hot take in defense of Brady, continuing a pattern of backing the Patriots’ quarterback:

The Brady hot takes have become such a predictable reaction that there were takes about the takes:

As Freezing Cold Takes pointed out, there’s still a classic Brady-Dolphins take that outshines them all: