Kurt Warner’s son uses Tom Brady to unintentionally troll his dad

Kurt Warner Tom Brady
Tom Brady shakes hands with former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner during media day for Super Bowl XLIX. –Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Kurt Warner boasts a lengthy list of accolades: Super Bowl champion, Super Bowl MVP, NFL MVP, and the Walter Payton NFL MVP Man of the Year are just a handful of the honors the retired quarterback earned throughout his 12-year career.

But he’s still coming up short in the eyes of one of his children.

When the Warner noticed his son was reading an article on Tom Brady, the 46-year-old asked if he was working on a project about the New England Patriots quarterback. His son responded, “No, writing a paper on the best QB of all-time.” Warner shared a recent exchange on Twitter, adding “I get it, but shot to the heart in my own home” via hashtags.


Warner followed up the tweet with his take on the greatest of all time discussion.


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