Watch Tom Brady’s dramatic playoff hype video

Tom Brady is ready for some playoff football.

The quarterback shared a dramatic video on social media prior to New England’s divisional-round playoff contest against the Tennessee Titans Saturday night. With lines from Alan Watts’ “The Nature of Consciousness” running as the voiceover, the one-minute clip opens with a image of a lion before splicing together footage from the Patriots season and other elements of nature.

“Western science was based on the idea that there are laws of nature,” the narrator reads. “When you’ve got some regularities in the behavior of the universe, we call that law.”

He continues: “So we have tended to think of all natural phenomenon as responding to laws, as if in other words, the laws of the world were like the rails on which a streetcar or a tram or a train runs — something in other words that is functioning according to regular, clock-like, mechanical principles. Here’s this idea that there’s a kind of a plan, and everything responds and obeys that plan.”


The words appear to reflect Brady’s mission to continue to defy Father Time. To kick off the Patriots’ regular season, Brady shared a similar pump-up video set to Watts’ “What If Money Was No Object?”


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