What is the hashtag #DTWD the Jaguars use all over social media?

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive end Carroll Phillips and defensive tackle Marcell Dareus celebrate during the final moments of an NFL wild-card game against the Buffalo Bills.

Jaguars defensive lineman Malik Jackson walked off Heinz Field on Sunday, hands raised high out to his side as he greeted hyped Jacksonville fans in the stands. As he neared the tunnel, Jackson pointed at a black sign with glittery teal lettering held by some fans.

It read, “DUUUVAL’’.

Jackson shouted back to the Jacksonville fans, “Duuuval! Duuuval! Duuuval!’’ and skipped into the tunnel, having just beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on their home turf for a chance to play for a spot in the Super Bowl.

Jacksonville, which is in Duval County, embraced “Duuuval!’’ as a rallying cry with the Jaguars using the hashtag #DTWD — Duval ’Til We Die — across their social media platforms.


In a Facebook video the team shared Monday morning, the connection between the city, the fans, and “Duuuuval!’’ is explained.

“In this town, you are who you are. We’re individuals, but we are all one thing. That’s right — Duval,’’ the narrator says.

“This town is everything. It’s our neighborhoods, our passions, our freedoms, our kids, our families, our homes. Oh, and our team.

“We must defend. We must protect it. And we certainly cherish it. Why? It’s because it’s who we are. It’s Duval. We are Duval. Duval ’Til We Die.’’


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