Robert Kraft addresses Brady injury, reports of Patriots turmoil

Jonathan Robert Kraft Patriots
Robert Kraft with his son Jonathan Kraft. –MICHAEL REYNOLDS / EPA

Patriots owner Robert Kraft called Tom Brady’s hand injury a “freak accident’’ and expressed relief that the injury will not keep him out of Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

“Sometimes freak accidents happen,’’ Kraft said during an interview with NFL Network Sunday. “Thank goodness it wasn’t as severe as we thought it could be, but you don’t know, and today will be a great test. There isn’t anyone who is mentally tougher and prepares harder than Tommy and we’ll see.’’

Brady suffered a hand injury that included a cut and required precautionary X-rays (which came back negative) after he collided with a teammate during a handoff at practice Wednesday.


Kraft also addressed reports of turmoil among the top three figures in the organization — Kraft, Brady, and coach Bill Belichick.

“Well, I have a saying: Jealousy and envy are incurable diseases. I’ve been around enough, if you run any kind of company, any kind of business, the more successful you are, you have strong personalities, there’s always a certain amount of tension. That just goes with the agenda,’’ Kraft said.

Kraft was also asked about keeping Brady and Belichick within the organization.

“In life, you know, the hardest thing is to surround yourself with quality people, even in a marriage if it’s your partner, and then having continuity,’’ Kraft said when asked about keeping continuity. “Life is difficult, especially if you’re doing things at a high level. Having continuity, keeping things going . . . You know that fact that Tommy and Bill Belichick and my family have been together for 18 years.

“There’s a lot of strong-minded people, but when you have something good going, everybody’s got to get their egos checked in and try to hold it together.’’


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