Here’s a closeup photo of Tom Brady’s un-bandaged hand injury

It's the first clear view of the quarterback's right hand since the injury.

Foxborough  MA  01/21/18   CBS comentator Jim Nance asking New England Patriots Tom Brady about his hand  after they defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 winning the AFC Championship game at Gillette Stadium.    (Matthew J. Lee/Globe staff)
CBS commentator Jim Nance asked Tom Brady about his hand following the game Sunday. –Matthew J. Lee / The Boston Globe

For all the attention recently paid to Tom Brady’s hand injury, it wasn’t until after Sunday’s game that we actually got a clear view.

Associated Press photographer Charles Krupa captured a closeup shot of Brady’s right hand as he left the podium Sunday following his postgame press conference. The photo appears to show a cut just below the bottom knuckle of his thumb.

The cut reportedly required more than a minimum of 10 stitches and resulted in a “bloody scene” during Wednesday’s practice. Brady subsequently wore gloves to a press conference Friday and arrived at Gillette Stadium on Sunday with his hands hidden in his pockets.


“It was a little injury at the end of the day,” Brady told reporters after Sunday’s win. For the majority of the press conference, he kept his hands behind the podium.

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