Tom Brady roasted Julian Edelman for his ESPN ‘Body Issue’ photos

Tom Brady Julian Edelman Patriots
The New England Patriots held one final practice before heading out to Denver to play the Broncos in the AFC Championship game in January 2016. –John Tlumacki/Globe staff

Julian Edelman has been following parts of the TB12 Method, but the wide receiver isn’t ready to give up heavy weight-lifting just yet — and Tom Brady has an idea as to why the wide receiver might be a little reluctant to do so.

“I do all the things that you guys do,” Edelman told Brady and his trainer Alex Guerrero in the third episode of “Tom vs. Time.” “I just incorporate lifting weights because I have to stay strong because I have to.”

But before getting into a larger discussion about the benefits of strength training and pliability, Brady called his teammate’s bluff.


“Let’s keep it real,” he said. “The only reason you try to get jacked up is so you could be naked on a magazine, so you ain’t fooling us.”

Brady is referencing Edelman’s photo shoot for ESPN’s latest edition of the “Body Issue.” The 31-year-old wide receiver was selected as the cover athlete for the annual magazine, which dropped over the summer. While the group was out in Montana for an offseason trip in July, Edelman had a large printout of the final image — and Brady prompted ragged on his teammate for it.

“Oh, that’s Julian!” the quarterback said when Edelman walked in. “I hardly even recognize you with your clothes on.”

The pair of Patriots, along with Danny Amendola, spent some time out in Big Sky to both train and enjoy some outdoor activities.

“We came to Yellowstone Club,” Brady said. “It’s a place I’ve been coming for a long time. We train a few summers here. Getting out here with two of my teammates is invaluable because you get a lot of one-on-one time.”

The quarterback said the opportunity helped him to not only build trust with his receivers, but also learn to genuinely care for one another. Outside of football drills, the group also mountain biked, golfed, and went off-roading.


“I love this type of stuff,” Brady said. “When training camp starts, there’s no time for us to do anything like this.”