A columnist from Philly wrote about Aaron Hernandez and the Patriots, and the Internet does not like it

Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez attends a pretrial court hearing. Hernandez died in 2017, at age 27.

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bob Brookover penned a column about Aaron Hernandez and the Patriots that led to widespread reaction on social media.

The column, which was published late Tuesday, is headlined: “Maybe it’s no coincidence that Aaron Hernandez tragedy happened to Patriots.’’ It basically argues that the Patriots have skirted the rules in the Bill Belichick era, have perfected the art of sweeping things under the rug, including everything surrounding Hernandez, who was convicted in 2015 of murder before his death by suicide in his prison cell in April 2017, and that the Patriots should have known the former tight end would commit grisly crimes.


“The shame of the matter is that the Patriots, and specifically coach Bill Belichick, acted as if they could not possibly know something so awful would ever happen despite the fact that Hernandez had a troubled past at the University of Florida and in his hometown of Bristol, Conn,’’ Brookover wrote.

The column touched a nerve and media and readers alike reacted on social media:

“Philly.com, however, must think their readers are extremely stupid because they went for the Hail Mary of clickbait yesterday with this headline/story,’’ Sports Illustrated’s Jimmy Traina wrote. “I don’t know if this should get chalked up to the fact that Super Bowl week is a complete disaster from a media standpoint and you need to drum up takes every single day for one game or if someone thought this was just clever cross-city Super Bowl trash talking, but, holy cow, this is bad.’’

Here’s a sampling of other reaction: