Listen to what Bill Belichick told Doug Pederson before Super Bowl LII

"I tried to find a game where you were behind."

Bill Belichick New England Patriots
Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, left, shakes hands with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick before Super Bowl LII. –Mark Humphrey / AP

Patriots fans may not be interested in reliving Super Bowl LII. But what about the pregame?

Since Sunday’s game, the NFL has been releasing on-field audio of Patriots and Eagles players and coaches, including an exchange between Bill Belichick and Doug Pederson shortly before kickoff. The two coaches congratulated each other on a “hell of a year,” before joking about Super Bowl week.

“I tried to find a game where you were behind,” Belichick told Pederson. “I couldn’t find one.”

“There’s plenty,” the Eagles couch laughingly insisted.

Philadelphia ran the fourth-fewest plays while trailing of any NFL team this season. However, Belichick would’ve had a harder time scouting his own team — since the Patriots had the second fewest.


“Tell you what, you get through this week, man, you’re like, ‘Huh, finally,'” Pederson said, alluding to the multi-day pregame media frenzy. “There’s a game somewhere in here.”

Belichick nodded in agreement.

“Good to be here though,” he said.

Among the other compelling Super Bowl clips released in the last few days include audio of referees reviewing the controversial touchdown catch by Eagles running back Corey Clement and Malcolm Jenkins taunting Tom Brady after his missed catch.

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