Rob Gronkowski follows cryptic tweets with a WWE message

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski in the wrestling ring. –Via Sports Illustrated

Rob Gronkowski had Patriots Nation up against the ropes with a series of tweets over the weekend that did little to quench the rumors about his future, and his latest message will only add to the flames.

On Saturday, Gronkowski tweeted, “Forseee your own future, control your own temptations, and your destiny will be not just be reached, it will just be starting.”

He followed that up with an emphatic message about the lack of limits Monday, then lent credibility to the reports linking him to the WWE with a Tuesday missive.

The tweet links to the Gronk Nation website. In the post, Gronkowski’s friend and WWE star Mojo Rawley tells the story of how Gronk’s father, Gordie, helped Rawley make his entry into Vince McMahon’s professional wrestling company.


Rawley shared an Instagram with the tight end on Saturday. The pair were hanging out in Miami, and the Gronk Nation post suggested that they might meet up again Tuesday in Los Angeles. Rawley will be appearing on “SmackDown Live” from the Staples Center and Gronk Nation hinted that the Patriots star could be in attendance to cheer his friend on. Of course, Gronkowski might not be content to watch from the sidelines.

Last April, Gronkowski jumped out of the crowd and into the ring to help Rawley win Wrestlemania. Dave Metzler reported in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the WWE wants Gronkowski to take up a more permanent role inside the ropes and would be willing to offer him a deal similar to the one Ronda Rousey received in January.

Gronkowski’s future in New England has been uncertain ever since he refused to commit to returning to the field when pressed by reporters after Super Bowl LII. While there’s speculation that he could be leveraging his willingness to walk away from the game into a new deal with the Patriots, there are also glamorous pursuits waiting for Gronk if he leaves Gillette for greener pastures.

The Eagle Tribune’s Bill Burt reported that, with Hollywood calling, Gronkowski is also considering a leap into acting full-time. Dwayne Johnson and Sylvester Stallone have told the Patriots tight end he could make millions onscreen. Gronkowski has made appearances on Family Guy and in the Entourage movie, and the opportunity to join the Rock and Rocky has to appeal to a player who’s told friends that football injuries have taken a toll on him.