Tom Brady went on an NPR quiz show and things got ‘saucy’

"Most defensive coordinators are not smart."

Tom Brady
Tom Brady –Charles Krupa / AP

As much as Tom Brady is the focus of sports talk radio, public radio is a new frontier.

Brady continued his media blitz this week by calling in to NPR’s acclaimed quiz show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, which was recorded Thursday in Hartford, Connecticut, and aired over the weekend. The New England Patriots quarterback appeared to make quite an impression.

“There are a lot of people here, who are really happy to hear your voice, and there’s a small, but vocal contingent, who are totally not,” Wait Wait host Peter Sagal told Brady, alluding to the broadcast’s location in between Patriots and New York Giants territory.


“I think that’s a badge of honor in our sport,” Brady said. “When they don’t like you, you’re probably doing something pretty good.”

The subject however quickly turned to Brady’s strict diet, including his personal aversion to some foods. Sagal was perplexed that 40-year-old quarterback had purportedly never eaten a strawberry until his recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Brady explained that he grew up hating the smell of the fruits, which his aunt use to bring to his childhood home in California.

“Every time the refrigerator door was open, the smell of strawberries would permeate the room, and I could not stand it,” he said. “The thought of a strawberry is just terrible for me.”

Brady added that he was surprised he was even able to stomach eating a strawberry on The Late Show. Asked how his first strawberry tasted, Brady put it simply.

“Like s***,” he deadpanned, to roaring laughter from the panelists and live audience. Brady said it was a somewhat traumatic experience.

“The problem was I tasted it for like the next 30 minutes too,” he said. “It was just sitting there right there in my throat.”

Sagal joked that there were defensive coordinators listening and “plotting” to douse their teams’ uniforms with the scent of strawberries.


“That would be smart, but most defensive coordinators are not smart,” Brady replied.

Sagal went on to ask about Brady’s intensity and the claim that he would even celebrate “goals” during team practices.

“Yeah, in football we score touchdowns; in soccer: goals,” Brady corrected the radio host, garnering another round of laughs and applause

“He’s saucy,” panelist and comedian Helen Hong said.

Brady then participated in the Wait Wait’s game “Not My Job,” where celebrity contestants are asked three questions about topics completely unrelated to their own lives. Brady’s subject: The Brady Bunch, the 1970s family sitcom. With some unsubtle help from Sagal, the panelists, and the audience, the quarterback got two of the three questions correct, winning a prize — a voicemail recording of any of the panelists — for a local Hartford listener.

Not everyone was happy that Brady received some help answering the questions. Sagal joked that he would receive another four-game suspension (from the show) for unfairly winning.

Listen to this weekend’s full show here.