Tom Brady shares video of him working out with Julian Edelman

"Just like that. Just like that. We’re ending on that one."

Tom Brady Julian Edelman
Tom Brady fist bumped Julian Edelman during a Patriots practice held at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro. –Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe

Tom Brady shared a video on Sunday of him working out with Julian Edelman. It is unsurprising that the two are working out together, as they do during most offseasons.

But let’s parse this out anyhow to start our week off.

First, wardrobe and workout observations: Edelman, whose appeal of a four-game suspension for a positive PED test will be heard Monday, according to ESPN, wears a sleeveless shirt, shorts, and his red gloves while Brady is in a long-sleeve shirt underneath shoulder pads, a helmet, and pants that hit him at the knee. They warm up with some sprints and then get to the throwing portion, going through some routes with Brady peppering in commentary after a good rep, “There it is!’’


Second, content/platform observation: Brady shared it through IG TV, Instagram’s recently launched expanded video feature that allows users to share videos up to 10 minutes, or an hour for those with a large number of followers. The clip was high-quality and edited with a music choice that perhaps could double as a bit of a message, “Every Season’’ by Cousin Stizz. On the hook, Stizz raps, “Every season my season as long as I’m breathing.’’ Yes, Brady declined to attend the voluntary portion of the Patriots’ offseason program, but, as the hook plays over the video of his session with Edelman, he is working.

Third, body coach observation: Before the video gets into the Brady-Edelman throwing session, it opens with Alex Guerrero, Brady’s business partner, working on Brady’s body. As Guerrero works, Brady offers up this: “Sometimes football’s tricky because you need strength to take the hits, but you need the pliability to stay fluid. It’s one thing to be a rock to take the hits. But you need to be a fluid athlete. You know? You have to balance.’’

As Brady says to end the video, “Just like that. Just like that. We’re ending on that one.’’

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